Strategic Role of the Centre

Being unique in the Netherlands and the first of its kind in Europe, the Centre aims to exercise a strategic role in the study of regulation and governance of Asia. In seeking to become a focal point of innovative and concerted research, the Centre’s approach distinguishes it from conventional research centres. The uniqueness can be summarised in the following:

  • It undertakes inquiries on a well-defined subject area with a sharp focus of contemporary relevance: regulation and governance.
  • It combines multidisciplinarity (political economy, law, public administration, criminology, and sociology) with area studies (Asia) and emphasises comparative analysis.
  • It pursues inquiries from both top-down, state-centred, and practice-oriented perspective (regulation) and bottom-up, society-centred, and political perspective (governance).
  • It emphasises the need to study Asian markets inductively and to develop non-Eurocentric theories of regulation and governance.

Instead of undertaking discrete projects, the Centre organises its research into a chain of interlocking projects. This serves to maximise the cumulative effect of coordinated research and yield greater synergy.

As a major initiative of the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), the Centre builds upon the solid foundation already established by IIAS over the years, by taking advantage of the extensive research network and the wealth of knowledge and experience in Asian studies in the Netherlands. The Centre thus commands exceptional expertise and resources by its integration into national and international research networks and alliances.